All instruments offered by ITR-LAB d.o.o. are taken care of by own technical service. The service supports customers in laboratory room design and executes the delivery, installation, commissioning, acceptance tests, and operator training. Following the installation, we perform all maintenance activities in compliance with manufacturer instructions and we provide the specialized application support. We also deliver spare parts and consumables. ITR-LAB d.o.o. rates and prices are reasonable and fairly constant over time.

Prior to installation

We support customers in designing and adapting laboratory rooms. As a major provider of scientific systems with highest spatial and energy resolution, we fully realize which stringent requirements have to be met to secure the top-class performance. We check the rooms for electromagnetic waves and mechanical vibrations and then advise solutions to mitigate them. Regarding to compensation and isolation, ITR-LAB d.o.o. has performed several room adaptations on its own or in close cooperation with building companies of customer origin. Furthermore, we assist in the design of dedicated ventilation systems with temperature stability demanded by high-resolution TEM microscopes.

Installation, inspection, survey and repairs

ITR-LAB d.o.o. technical service is a team of several young professionals, mainly electronics engineers. We are continuously trained by manufacturers to keep pace with the strong development of instrument complexity seen in present days. The service is able to install the instruments, upgrade them with new hardware and software functions, and train users in operation thereof. A special attention is paid to efficient diagnostics of faults and malfunctions at the installation site without the need to send instruments to factory.


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